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Church Insurance

Church Insurance

When Lewis and Wallace Associates opened its doors in 1987, the primary focus of the agency was to serve the insurance needs of the churches in its surrounding communities. We understand the importance of properly insuring your church so that you can be confident an unforeseeable occurrence will not end your ministry. 

What is church insurance?

Church insurance is protection designed for the unique coverage needs of churches and other religious organizations. Whether you need insurance for your church property, employees or vehicles, choosing the right coverage is vital to the financial health of your organization.

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What kind of insurance does a church need?

The reality is that every church is susceptible to a lawsuit by both its members and from guests or other individuals. The basic church insurance coverage needed is called general liability insurance and covers injury to any person that they may hold the church liable and property damages. Property damages could not only occur to the church building itself, but also any property inside the building, items that may leave the church at times, and any type of property damages that could put your ministry on hold.

By securing an insurance policy for the unique needs of your church, you are also protecting your ministry against any accusations made by or against employees or the church’s board, natural disasters like flooding, coverage for your church’s van or bus, and much more.

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