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Disability Insurance

Individual Disability Insurance

Protect your most important asset:  Your income

When you think about it, your income is what you rely on to finance your life. But, what would happen if you were too injured or sick to work? How would that affect your lifestyle?
There is an insurance product that can alleviate that worry by protecting your paycheck.  It’s called individual disability insurance.
Just like insurance for your home or your car, you can get insurance that goes to work when you can’t by replacing a portion of your income if a disabling injury or sickness prevents you from working.
You may think you have adequate protection from other income sources like long term disability insurance or personal savings in the event that you were unable to work. But when your paycheck stops, there is often a coverage gap.
Individual disability insurance can:
  • Cover a larger portion of your salary than long term disability insurance
  • Provide you with tax-free benefits if you pay the premiums
  • Protect additional income sources such as incentives, commissions and bonuses
  • Help you avoid tapping into your savings to pay for your day-to-day expenses or fund your lifestyle

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